Troop 242 Eagle Scouts

ScoutEagle Project

1998 - Ryan WalkerTrail up to Cliff's Hillside Park
1998 - Daniel SwansonPath along Roaring Fork River behind Stubby's
1998 - Chad KeranBuild & Seal Fence around Cliff's Hillside Park
1998 - Douglas HayesNot Known
2000 - Christopher KeranWalkway/Landscape Timber Stairs from Homestead to Sopris Drive
2002 - Christopher WheelerBraille Trail Improvements on Independence Pass
2003 - Robin ScherNot Known
2005 - Kyle ZajacShelter for Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) at Alpine Meadows Kennels
2006 - Zachary BakerBuilt horse-mounting access ramp for physically challenged people at Equestrian Center in Catherine
2006 - Jason TroyerSteps leading down hill from Basalt Elementary to Swinging Bridge in Basalt
2006 - Riley EatonPainted Basalt Public Library building
2006 - Robert JeffreyMade benches for the Town of Basalt
2006 - Michael SchusterAdded landscape timber edging for Cliff's Hillside Park on Homestead Avenue in Basalt
2008 - Douglas SchusterCoordinated clothing drive and delivered to Native Americans in the Four Corners area
2009 - Mitchell Murphy, 10/8/09Built handrails for landscape timber steps leading from Homestead Ave. to Sopris Drive in Basalt
2010 - Martin Gerdin, 5/13/10Built Stations of the Cross for St. Mary of the Crown Catholic Church in Carbondale
2011 - Brian Larson, 1/6/11Painted Basalt Town Hall
2011 - Marshall Murphy, 7/26/11Built Fishing Pier on Lake Christine
2011 - Logan Eaton, 10/20/11Built Picnic Tables for Basalt High School
2012 - Aaron Parker, 5/17/12Replaced wooden entrance steps at Emma Schoolhouse with concrete steps and ramp
2012 - Ladibel Bonilla, 12/21/12Fixed up storage sheds and improved security fencing at ball fields for Basalt Recreation Dept.
2013 - Elmer Bonilla, 2/14/13Improved wetlands area path & built several foot bridges behind Waldorf School
2013 - Gordon Murphy, 8/8/13Built foot bridge on Ponderosa Trail in Basalt along Roaring Fork River
2013 - Gus Anderson, 12/12/13Built accessible planters for Basalt Community Garden for physically-challenged people
2014 - Jake Floria, 11/25/14Built planters on both ends of pedestrian bridge over Roaring Fork River in Basalt in conjunction with work done by Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers
2015 - Ryan Boyle, 9/10/15 Cleaned out and re-painted athletic equipment storage shed on Basalt Middle School football field
2015 - Gaby Bonilla, 12/3/15 Built benches for the Blue Lake neighborhood common areas
2016 - Cristian Joya 5/14/16Remodeled Basalt Middle School Coaches and Athletic Supply Rooms
2015 - Terran Hurst-Farnham, 6/29/16Removed numerous brush piles from previous wild fire at Basalt's Lake Christine shooting range, turned into wood chips and donated to Carbondale High School
2016 - Ashton Albright 11/22/16Built bike racks/benches for Basalt High School entrance
2018 - Thomas Wirth 6/27/18Built athletic field complex sign map for Basalt High School
2018 - Andrew Upton 6/27/18Restored large 'B' sign on hillside behind Basalt High School
2019 - Dane Elliott 6/13/19Restoration & Cleaning of historic Arbaney Barn in Basalt
2019 - Leighton Albright 6/13/19Improvements to Basalt High School track & field facility
2019 - Nat Crawford 10/30/19Designed/rebuilt shelving and organized storage area for the Aspen Science Center
2020 - Noah Upton 5/15/20Redesigned and rebuilt illuminated mountaintop star in Basalt
2020 - Miles Craft 6/19/20Organized and emceed Community history event at Basalt Library and cleaned history plaques along Basalt walking tour
2022 - Tristan Trantow 10/6/22Built signs for the Basalt Shooting Range